Boston Spirit Magazine – Fashion editorial, March 2018

Publication: Boston Spirit Magazine

Photography: Joel Benjamin

Styling: Evan Crothers

Models: Maggie Inc.

Location: Parachute Studios, Boston

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Southwest Airlines Magazine cover, March 2018

Photographer: Mary Beth Koeth

Client: Southwest: The Magazine

Model: Autumn W., Maggie Inc.

Hair & makeup: Me

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Makeup & grooming for Yankee Candle, Spring 2018

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CBS Sports – AFC Championship Teaser

Ready for some football? This job was a lot of fun, even though Malkovich declined makeup (very politely). He looked just fine without it and gave a masterful performance. I groomed the two “directors” (local actors) who appear with Malkovich on screen, and really enjoyed hearing the NEC orchestra perform.

AFC Championship

The NFL's Davidvs. the NFL's Goliath For the right to play in the Super Bowl.

Posted by CBS Sports on Saturday, January 20, 2018

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Barely-there beauty with Sadie Dayton

Photography: Sadie Dayton

Model: Isabella H., Maggie Inc.

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Makeup & grooming for Yankee Candle, Christmas 2017

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Makeup for Reebok women’s fitness wear 2017

Hair: Lori Greene

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Hair and makeup for Lucie Salhany for The Hollywood Reporter

Photography: Simon Simard

Story: The Hollywood Reporter

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Hair, makeup & grooming for Health New England commercials

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Golden Damask: Bridal Editorial for Grace Ormonde Wedding Style

Published in: Grace Ormonde Wedding Style

Location, Linens & Rentals: Blantyre, Lenox MA

Photography: Syed Yaqeen

Cinematography: Christopher Duggan

Event Planning & Design: Tara Consolati with Rebecca Woodman-Taylor

Hair: Jenursa

Model: Liane Boyko & Alex Winters

Makeup: Liz Washer, Makeup Artistry by Liz

Floral Design: Carolyn Valenti Flowers

Invitations: Christa Alexandra Designs

Cake: Kanupriya Kesari

Gown: Kelly Faetanini

Menswear: Valentino Taylors

Engagement ring: McTeigue & McClelland


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