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What did we ever do before Facebook?!? I saw some photos surface from a just-for-fun shoot I did awhile back with some friends of mine, and I thought it would make a nice post because I think I like the behind-the scenes images from that shoot best of all:

That’s Onawa on the left and Kimberly on the right. If I remember correctly, the white necklace that Onawa is wearing ended up on Kim more than once throughout the day. I’m pretty sure I snapped the second photo, but I don’t know who took the first one.

(Amusingly, that was not the first time I took pictures of Onawa. At least this time the ACTUAL photographer was indeed present, but the first time – very early on in my portfolio-building efforts – I booked a test shoot with a fauxtographer in Holyoke who didn’t show up AND didn’t answer her phone! So I ended up taking photos myself, including one that I still use:)

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