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I’ll be in New York for an arts marketing conference (day job!) Friday-Tuesday, staying with good friends in Brooklyn. Yay, I love going to New York, even if this time I’ll spend most of it in conference rooms at NYU. But the days I travel to and from the city leave me a little bit of time for exploring, taking in the sights… and, of course, shopping.

I don’t have any major shopping plans, actually, but I may take the opportunity to restock a few makeup kit basics and poke my nose into some of the more tempting professional lines. Why not, right?

Here are a few potential stops on my list:

  • Alcone – I love their makeup removing wipes! They work well and are non-drying, unlike baby wipes and other cosmetic wipes I’ve tried, and don’t require rinsing, so I tend to go through them like lightning (especially at shoots where I do multiple makeup looks). I’m all for price breaks, so I usually buy a bunch at a time. I also love the Jao hand sanitizer, because it actually smells good and (again) is non-drying. Can you tell I like things that don’t dry out my skin?? I’m such a princess about that, seriously. Alcone’s non-latex sponges are also nice, although I’m not usually a sponge-application girl. Alcone also stocks several brands I dig like Kryolan, Eve Pearl, Ben Nye, Three Custom Color, etc. but I’m probably going to wait until the Makeup Show to actually shop for color cosmetics. (Or at least, I’ll make a valiant attempt to do so.) So, this will mostly be a disposables run, though I’m happily already set with mascara wands (thanks, Karrie)!
  • Makeup Forever – They’ll no doubt be at the Makeup Show but I want some peaceful browsing. There are a couple matte eyeshadows I have my eyes on in particular – their shadows are incredible. Need? Well, no. Want? You know it!
  • Inglot – I gaped through the window of this store the last time I was in Times Square, but they weren’t open yet so I didn’t have a chance to play. I hear mixed reviews of their customer service, honestly, and since I’m not really in the market for color cosmetics (nor do I tend to want to spend a lot of time in Times Square), I may just wait until the Makeup Show to check them out.
  • MAC Pro – I need to take a quick inventory of my kit and see what, if anything, needs restocking. The Pro store has a better selection, too. Of course, the last time I was there all I did was trade in some empty containers for new lipsticks in nice nude shades – I didn’t even need my Pro card for that! I’ve become so boring. Well, it’s always worth a visit.

Bet you anything I only end up hitting one or two out of this list. Alcone’s a must (even though I could always mail order), the rest are just gravy.

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