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I was thrilled to be a part of the shoot for October 18th cover of Stuff Boston. It was such a well-organized shoot – only took a few hours! – and came out in print only a few weeks later, which is not the norm (usually I’m waiting for months). Very fun, and very rewarding to have my work on the cover of the issue.

The goal was to showcase fetish-inspired wardrobe for Fall (with softer makeup, to keep the result from being too gothic or costume-y), as well as feature the new, soon-to-open bar Descent, which is located underneath the stylist W Hotel in downtown Boston. I loved the location, it definitely felt like one of those places I might not be be cool enough to get into (haha!) so it was a treat to work there and see the space before it opens to the public. I kept Tessa’s eyes subtle with a soft smoky brown liner and wispy false lashes, and gave her a punch of fuchsia on the lips (vibrant lipstick is huge this Fall!)

Here are scans of the pages that show images from the shoot, starting with the cover:

Online article links:

Photography: Conor Doherty

Model: Tessa (Maggie, Inc.)

Hair: Kara Hurston (Shag)

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