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Answer: Do you like that color?

If you do, then of course you can wear it. It’s just a matter of figuring out how.

It’s funny, I wear less and less makeup these days. When I was first getting into makeup, I (naturally) experimented on myself. Sometimes quite boldly, especially on my eyes. And I took pictures to scrutinize my blending, symmetry, whether the shape flattered my eyes, etc. My digital camera is nothing special but it does have a good macro function.

Awhile back, I slapped a bunch of my favorite pictures of my eye shadow experiments into a photobucket “image tile” program, as a way to demonstrate the variety of colors that can look good on blue eyes:

My belief is almost anyone can wear almost any color if it is applied in a flattering shape and blended well. Certain shades will be more flattering on your skin tone than others (not all purples are created equal!), and the color wheel is a good starting point for figuring out what shades will bring out your eye color… but mostly, I’ve found that the best way to find “your colors” is good ol’ experimentation. Whether or not you’re in the habit of photographing your experiments isn’t important; willingness to practice is.

That, or call me and I’ll come figure it out for you!

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  • Karrie Welch

    You are absolutely right Liz! Love all your looks for blue eyes! You should come do some on me as well, or we can do them together & post for brown eyes!

  • admin

    I’m in favor of that!

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