It pays to be a workaholic!

I was pleased as could be when a local journalist (who I used to work with) asked to interview me for a Hampshire Gazette feature on local business. It’s mostly about my (really awesome) [...]

Missing the point entirely!

I got a kick out of the Model-Morphosis image slider application on the NYT blog, showing the makeup befores & afters, but then wasted 10 minutes of my time reading some of the anonymous [...]

Want some free makeup?

Check out my friend Karrie’s contest – she’s the maker of the best boutique mineral makeup on the market, and I have to get off my hiney and write a review because I’m a [...]

Wands, wands everywhere!

Q: What on earth could these be? A: The sign of a hygienic makeup artist! I split a bulk order of disposable mascara wands with fellow makeup artist Karrie Welch. The long one on the bottom is [...]

Can I wear this color?

Answer: Do you like that color? If you do, then of course you can wear it. It’s just a matter of figuring out how. It’s funny, I wear less and less makeup these days. When I was first [...]