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Q: What winstrol for sale on earth could these be?

A: The sign of a hygienic makeup artist!

I split a bulk order of disposable mascara wands with fellow makeup artist Karrie Welch. The long one on the bottom is for brow taming – that one I can sanitize and keep, but the rest get tossed after one use. I go through these things so fast, it’s not funny. (1 per eye, usually, and no double-dipping allowed. They’re also useful for combing out lashes.) The last time I was running low I had to go get price-gouged at Sally’s Beauty Supply – no thank you! Gotta love bulk ordering.

Of course, there are alternatives. I have a fan-shaped brush that applies mascara beautifully, and can be easily cleaned. For brides, I usually buy a bottle of waterproof mascara that they get to keep. (Cover Girl LashBlast is my current favorite.) But for photoshoots with multiple models, it’s faster and easier to pull out the disposables.

What scares me is when a model looks surprised that I use them. It may seem overly hypochondriac to worry about shared mascara, but I don’t really see the point in taking the risk when things like conjunctivitis and flu are so easy to spread. Anything liquid in a tube with a built-in applicator is best used only on yourself.

That reminds me, I’m running low on disposable lip gloss wands… (I can always use a brush, but if I have to gloss several pairs of lips really fast, it helps to have a handful of disposables!)

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